Lower Cost S3 Storage Option - Infrequent Access

Sat Feb 6, 2016

1/8/2016 Lower Cost S3 Storage Option - Infrequent Access




It had an immediate effect on our bottom line – the conservative estimate for the first full month has our costs dropping by close to 30%.


NOTE: when transitioning with lifecycle rules from STANDARD S3 to S3 IA:

  • Amazon S3 does not transition objects less than 128 Kilobytes in size to the STANDARD_IA storage class.
  • Objects must be stored at least 30 days in the current storage class before you can transition them to STANDARD_IA


s3cmd put –recursive –preserve --storage-class STANDARD_IA filesToTransfer s3://S3_ACCOUNT/pathToBucket

Objects that are smaller than 128 Kilobytes are charged for 128 Kilobytes of storage.

NEXT: consider to update s3cmd wrapper script to specify STANDARD_IA for photos2web.com only Do NOT implement for blog as majority of files are less than 128 Kilobytes. Although is there even a point to specifying STANDARD_IA right off the bat? Probably not needed since I setup the lifecycle rules

1/8/2016 - lifecycle implemented for www.photos2web.com and blog.storypath.com buckets - STANDARD_IA after 30 days (which is fine for blog since objects less than 128 Kilobytes are not transitioned)

For log buckets, added lifecycle rule to delete after 360 days